Bio-layer Interferometry (BLI) Service
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About Bio-layer Interferometry (BLI) Service

Profacgen provides a comprehensive panel of services for the study of protein-protein interactions, of which the Bio-layer Interferometry (BLI) analysis is commonly used by our customers for the quantitative and qualitative characterization of biomolecule interactions and other applications. The BLI biosensor platform, developed by ForteBio, is a label-free detection system for molecular interaction analysis, based on the principles of optical interferometry. In this system, the interaction occurs at the very tip of a glass fiber-based BLI biosensor. White light travels down the glass fiber and is reflected back up from two interfaces at the tip: internal interface and external interface. When molecules bind to the surface of the biosensor, the thickness variation of the external layer of immobilized protein causes a shift of the interference pattern. The pattern can be plotted as a nanometer shift of relative intensity vs. wavelength that can be recorded in real-time with high accura


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